Tuesday, July 7, 2009

UK - House of Lords calls for gene testing "Code of Conduct"

BBC News' online article "Call for tougher gene test rules" states that,
"The House of Lords Science and Technology Committee said a code of conduct was needed to stop bogus claims being made. The report also said the tests, which predict the risk of disease later in life, needed to be more thoroughly reviewed before being marketed."
The article goes on to say,
"Health firms have already started to exploit the issue by offering genetic testing, which can give people an idea of the risk they face of getting a range of diseases from heart disease to Alzheimer's. The committee said it was concerned that unproven claims were being made and that individuals were not being offered the proper support and counselling to understand and cope with the results."

Unfortunately, the article does not state or cite examples of "exploitation" and any "unproven claims". However, it does state that NHS staff need additional training to meet the "increasing demands" of people worried about their test results. Again, the article is non-specific about just what the "demands" are and where the test results were obtained.

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